What is it? It’s THE best thing you can do in (and on) the sea.

Who are we? We’re specialists in coasteering with decades of experience. Cliff-ninjas, seaweed-geeks, crab-wranglers, maestros of fun.

“Hugely professional and fun guides”

“Absolutely perfect balance of chilled swimming, cave exploring, wave-bashing and jumping!”

“Amazing experience, can’t recommend enough!”

“Really impressive crew. Knowledgable, skilful and took us on a real adventure whilst keeping us safe”


A unique sea-based adventure!

Discover and explore a hidden world by climbing, caving, jumping and swimming.

Invented by mountaineers to train for the big peaks, Coasteering is now available to anyone with a taste for adventure! Swimming, Jumping, Climbing, Exploring – these are all things you’ll do on a coasteer but coasteering is much, much more. You’ll see parts of the coastline that very few people visit and get up close with sealife in a unique and brilliant way.

Who can Coasteer?

All our adventures are tailored to suit your abilities and expectations.

You don’t need to be an ironman to come coasteering, if you can swim and are reasonably happy in the water you can coasteer! We make an effort to ensure our groups are of similar abilities and whilst we love a more strenuous, adventurous jump-fest as much (actually, more than) anyone, we also love a mellow cruise around the rocks and caves, checking out the wildlife and drifting on the tide. There’s no doubt we can challenge the bravest of thrill-seekers but nothing is compulsory and if you’d rather take it easy and enjoy the spectacular sights of the Pembrokeshire coast – that’s just fine!

Our minimum age is 8 and under 18s must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.

Session Prices

Adults £50 (half-day)
Children £40 (half-day)

Group Discounts Available!


We’re based right in the heart of Tenby, down on the harbour (see map below) and our nearest coasteer is just a two minute walk away from our base. Further afield we have a selection of routes all around the stunning South Pembrokeshire coastline. Our coasteering routes are amazing – some of the best in the world – full of jumps, swim-throughs, surfy play-spots and hidden gems discovered during years and years of exploration by our guides.

 What you'll need

We provide:
Bouyancy Aid, Helmet, Thick Wetsuit

You’ll need to bring:
A Towel, Old Trainers/Beach Shoes/Wetsuit Booties, Shorts

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